Tour Cantinas & Capital Bus in Mexico City

Tour Cantinas & Capital Bus in Mexico City

$27 USD/Adult


Experience the flavor of the night in the historic center of Mexico City, visiting some of the canteens that still preserve the traditional atmosphere of its golden days. Places frozen in time, where legends, anecdotes and encounters are never lacking.

• City Tour bracelet.
• Characterized tour with two certified certified guides.
• Distinctive elements (such as hats for men and headbands for women) will be provided. Dynamics and games inside the canteens.
• Includes tasting of pulque, tequila and Mezcal. Dried snack (peanuts and beans).
• A tasting jar for each person attending  
* Note: Only in Spanish.

They are venues of good eating and good drinking, they are living fragments of the history of this capital, from the time of Don Porfirio and long before with octli (pulque) and wine, on their walls they keep the life of the parishioners who visit them. To get to know them, we invite you to let yourself be led by the hand of our two friends: Cantinflas and the parishioner, where we will visit said spirit venues on foot, we will know their history, characters, anecdotes, events, laugh, finding joy, frolicking, suffocation and relief of life itself.
This package includes the City Tour bracelet, which is valid for 24 hours from the moment you get on the bus, you can wear the bracelet any other day.

Days of operation: one Saturday a month (the date is confirmed the first days of the beginning of the month).
• 17:00 hrs. Exit on foot from the Zocalo.
• 17:00 to 20:00 hrs. Walking tour in cantinas: La Potosina (typical suburban cantina), Salón España (typical cantina), Casa de Sirenas (mezcalería) and cantina “Buenos Aires”
• 20:00 hrs. End of service.

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