Teotihuacan + Basilica of Guadalupe

Teotihuacan + Basilica of Guadalupe

$45 USD/Adult

$35 USD/Child


Learn about the history of the Mexican capital and its religious fervor on this tour of 3 icons of local culture: the archaeological sites of Tlatelolco and Teotihuacán and the Villa de Guadalupe.

- Our tour begins in Tlatelolco, a Nahuatl word that means "terrace or mound of earth", where the main market of the Aztec Empire and the Plaza de las Tres Culturas are located: Pre-Hispanic, Colonial and current Mexico.
- We will continue to the Guadalupe Basilica, popularly known as the Villa, this is the most important religious building in all of Mexico and one of the most visited places in the Catholic world. Annually it receives more than twenty million pilgrims.
- We will continue our trip to Teotihuacán, "City of the Gods", which is located northeast of Mexico City.
- Finally we will have free time for those who wish to climb the Pyramid of the Sun, the Moon and walk through the Calzada de los Muertos.

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