Xenses Tour

Xenses Tour

$90 USD/Adult

$48 USD/Child


Rediscover your emotions in a park where wit, fun and wonder have no limits. Come and travel two routes, each with amazing activities, where mind and body will not be able to explain how possible what you are living.

• Specialized bilingual guide
• Access to Xenses Park and more than 15 unique activities
• Use of lockers, toilets and showers in Xenses
• More than 50 fantastic settings
• Nonsense Circuit: Town, Slide, Bird Flight, Lodorama and more
• ConSentido Circuit: Xensatorium, El Edén, Xítrico Garden and more
• Gift to acquire unique and very original souvenirs.

Xenses Park experience unique where you will discover and stimulate your senses, and make you see things differently. The park has a large number of activities designed to play and reactivate your senses.

Upon entering Xenses you will be given a special bracelet with a sensor, to use and take photos in all areas and activities of the park as you pass it in the designated places.

With an interesting architectural design that looks like a rehilete with geometric shapes on the floor creating a three-dimensional visual effect, Xenses is a very different and fun park where you will find all kinds of attractions that defy your mind and test all your senses.

Xenses is located a few kilometers from the center of Playa del Carmen, on the Riviera Maya. Its access is the same as that of Xcaret Park and has ample parking in case you decide to rent a car and arrive on your own.

Activities not recommended for people with heart problems, fear of heights, claustrophobia or easily dizzy, who have recent surgery, back pain, weighing more than 136 kg, or pregnant women.

- Xenses Park is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. at 7:00 p.m.
- Minimum age to enter: 5 years
- Duration: Approx. 5 hrs

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